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Vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of our lives. However, if the repair and refinishing are carried out to meet the manufacturer’s standard, then your vehicle’s safety, warranty, appearance, and value will be maintained.

Our progressive crash repair organisation has been actively involved in the expert repair of all of today’s modern vehicles providing quality accident assistance.

When you choose Col Summerhayes Crash Repair Townsville as your preferred crash repairer, you’ll eliminate the frustration and possible grief associated with organising the claim, arranging an inspection and negotiating with insurance companies.

The best solution when the worst happens - Your Porsche, back at its best

Accidents can happen to even the most experienced driver. It could be a scratch on a bumper, a stone chip on a bonnet or a major structural damage after a collision. Whatever happens to your Porsche, you will want to know one thing: that the repairer will restore the vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

So, if anything ever does happen, it is good to know that we have, already established, our Porsche Certified Collision Centre in Townsville to provide collision repair services that meet the high-quality standards you’ve come to expect from Porsche.

Jaguar / Land Rover
Damaged your Jaguar or Land Rover?

Thanks to Summerhayes your investment in these prestigious marques will be preserved. We will repair these exquisite vehicles back to their original ANCAP safety rating.

From the smallest scuff to a large scale structural body repair, Summerhayes can be trusted to repair your vehicle to its original pre accident ANCAP safety rating... after all, it’s that exclusive high end appearance, quality feeling and that very important safety rating that prompted you to make your initial investment.

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