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Panel Beater

A Townsville panel beater that is a cut above the rest is what we are and as the industry standard in all that is quality and paramount to importance in the repair industry we have positioned ourselves in a niche market of producing only the highest grade Townsville panel beater services. This importance and aspect of our company is why we are the most respected Townsville panel beater in Townsville and why we have built our reputation on only producing the most excellent Townsville panel beater work achieveable.

If you need a Townsville panel beater - and chances are you probably will at some stage considering the amount of traffic on the roads these days in Townsville - you should consider using the services on offer by Col Summerhayes crash repair. Even if you don't drive an expensive luxury or exotic car (Which we are the preferred local Townsville panel beater for - as chosen by the local dealers) We can still help you with Townsville panel beater services - of still the same esteemed high quality and attention to detail - for your Holden or Ford, Your Hyundai or Nissan. Trusting you Townsville panel beater requirements to us will mean that you will get the same attention and quality of workmanship to your project as we would to a Porsche.

Our customers know the importance our company places on producing only the most extremely high quality work on all of our Townsville panel beater projects and we have more than 40 years experience - probably more than any other Townsville panel beater - meaning you can trust the services we offer. If you need a Townsville panel beater you know who to call.

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Col Summerhayes Townsville crash repair have been established as the leading Townsville smash repair business formore than 40 years and in that time we have gained a reputation for presenting only the highest quality attention to detail in all of our Townsville panel beater projects. The quality in the finish of our Townsville car painting is second to none and we strive to uphold our solid reputation by only performing Townsville car painting to the exacting high standards that we have been renowned for. Townsville dent removal, including paintless dent removal is another service we can offer as the Townsville crash repair centre that offers the whole spectrum of Townsville body repairs. Google+

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