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Car Painting

Are you in need of a professional Townsville car painting outfit? If so you can rely on the proven track record of one of the most long standing Townsville Car Painting professionals in the region; Col Summerhayes Crash Repair. Townsville car painting can be a job that has the possibility of being poorly done and there are some less reputable workshops around the area who may produce sub standard projects. At Col Summerhayes crash repair we focus on ensuring that we only employ the leading paint technicians and that our quality control procedures, the equipment and consumables we use along with the workshop practices in place produce only the highest quality Townsville car painting projects.

Because it is important that your car, usually your second largest investment, is repaired by only the best Townsville car painting professional, Col Summerhayes Crash Repairs can be counted as the people to trust with this valued service. As we are the recommended and local dealer approved repairers and Townsville car painting service providers to many of the local manufacturers and dealers including some of the exotic car marques you can rest assured that we will maintain our reputation to provide you with a simialr service of excellence when it comes to the Townsville car painting solutions we will instill in your project.

When it comes to Townsville Car Painting you can rely on the professionalism and didication that only comes from Col Summerhayes Crash Repair.

Find out more about our Townsville Dent Removal and our Townsville Body Repairs.

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Col Summerhayes Townsville crash repair have been established as the leading Townsville smash repair business formore than 40 years and in that time we have gained a reputation for presenting only the highest quality attention to detail in all of our Townsville panel beater projects. The quality in the finish of our Townsville car painting is second to none and we strive to uphold our solid reputation by only performing Townsville car painting to the exacting high standards that we have been renowned for. Townsville dent removal, including paintless dent removal is another service we can offer as the Townsville crash repair centre that offers the whole spectrum of Townsville body repairs. Google+

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