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Trust in the leading Car Body Repairers

Accidents on the road are a part of life and if you have the misfortune to experience one then you want the assurance that your investment will be repaired to match the manufacturers specifications

Thanks to the latest technologies and the quality of the workmanship, our professional Townsville crash repair team
have the “specialist” equipment and the meticulous quality control to ensure that all our Townsville car painting repairs are performed with the utmost precision, commitment and care.

Incorporating genuine parts and utilising the manufacturer's own repair methodology, the team at Col Summerhayes Townsville body repairers have the skill and expertise to completely re-construct the vehicle's damaged sections to the highest levels and then offer a full guarantee on the workmanship.

The personnel at Col Summerhayes Townsville smash repair operate effectively through the training of the internationally renowned i-Car training institute and that represents real peace of mind.

townsville dent removal
townsville dent removal

Col Summerhayes Townsville crash repair have been established as the leading Townsville smash repair business formore than 40 years and in that time we have gained a reputation for presenting only the highest quality attention to detail in all of our Townsville panel beater projects. The quality in the finish of our Townsville car painting is second to none and we strive to uphold our solid reputation by only performing Townsville car painting to the exacting high standards that we have been renowned for. Townsville dent removal, including paintless dent removal is another service we can offer as the Townsville crash repair centre that offers the whole spectrum of Townsville body repairs. Google+

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